Blog resurrection

Finally decided to resurrect this blog and occupy it and post on it …. often!

Quick summary of my MMO travels this year:

Eve Online

Star Trek Online: friend bought me the game. Thanks David!


City of heroes (always return to this one)

LOTRO: bought all the expansions after Moria and played for 2 months

Fallen Earth: great game

WoW: returned to the game after 4 years, my old account was long ago destroyed by my guild that I gave it to. Friends bought me a new account + BC + WOTLK. Thanks David and Shaun!

City of Heroes again: played Going Rogue

EQ2: played this for a month on an account given to me by a friend. Thanks Andrew!

Aion: free collector’s edition I found I had online, no idea how.

WoW: going to resub WoW today in preparation for the big cataclysm expansion, as a tourist I HAVE to be there to see this.

Also adding a professional page that will hold all my professional info and serve as my online CV.


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